HOTC Agility

Agility Group

HOTC kicked off its Agility program in November of 1996, with classes starting in January of 1997. Since we are an AKC affiliated Club, our emphasis is on AKC Agility with references made to USDAA and NADAC Agility. Obstacles are basically the same in each venue with exceptions on contact point, jump heights and specific regulations.

Our Agility facility boasts a fully fenced area (200’ X 110'), that is normally divided into multiple working areas. We have an abundance of AKC regulation equipment and the agility field has lights to accommodate night time training.

Our Instructors have many years of dog agility training experience. They have not only achieved agility titles on their dogs but titles in other competitive canine venues as well. .

To begin the training of a dog-handler team, we offer a basic agility class series (Foundations, Skills 1, Skills 2 and Pre-Novice). We also provide competition classes at all levels (Novice, Open, and Excellent). In addition to the basic and competition classes, we offer a variety of special classes (Distance, Jumping, Handling, etc...). Most classes are based on an 8 week class cycle. Classes are held rain or shine. If weather prohibits outdoor participation, indoor classes may be held. These sessions are spent reviewing Agility regulations, videotapes and course strategy. All classes are taught with positive enthusiasm and safety being a key emphasis. Plenty of cool water is readily available for dog and handler.

The requirements for enrollment in Agility classes is dependent on the class one decides to participate as well as the age of the dog. These requirements are listed here - Agility Class Descriptions.