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Flyball is unique in dog sports. It is a true team sport with dogs and people. It's often described as a drag-racing relay with dogs. In flyball, two teams of 4 dogs with their handlers go head to head in the lanes. The racing lane is 51’ long with 4 jumps. The dogs speed over the jumps, trigger a spring-loaded box, catch the ball, and race back so the next dog can run. There are starting lights and the times are counted to the 1000th of a second. Points are earned by racing clean and under time - under 24 seconds earns 25 points. It is loud, exciting, and a lot of fun! 

Flyball is open to all breeds and mixes. We have had a Chihuahua and a Great Dane, and many breeds in between, race on our team. If you and your dog want to run, we will do all we can to make it happen.

If you are interested in learning more, getting your dog evaluated, or joining a beginner class email Chrissy Barribeau at 

For more info on the sport, visit the NAFA website at


The newest class of flyball dogs has officiallgraduated and they are burning up the lanes! They had some challenges due to the  pandemic. Most of our dogs get used to the racing environment before competing, and that environment is not for the faint of heart. As they have gotten old enough and done well in training, they have started racing. We try to mix in new dogs with experienced dogs on a team, so everyone has more success, but with so many new dogs, they have really had to step up and be reliable. They have exceeded our expectations!

At our most recent tournament, they were racking up titles left and right! Billie Medendorp’s Fisher earned his Flyball Dog Champion-Silver (1500 points).  Melissa Kirksey’s Albie also earned his Flyball Dog Champion-Silver (1500 points). Pam Ashely’s Halley recently earned her Flyball Dog Champion (1000 points). Traci Bruce’s Henry earned his Flyball Master (5,000) points. In June, Sherry Cowart’s Pickles made her debut and earned her first 3 titles (Flyball Dog, Flyball Dog Excellent, and Flyball Dog Champion) in one day!

As our baby dogs have stepped up and run well, our experienced dogs have stayed steady and provided the stability for the young ones to succeed and to race without everything falling apart. Pam Ashley’s Comet earned his Iron Dog this year, which is 10 years of racing and a real accomplishment.  Chrissy Barribeau’s Sage and Sharon Casto’s Spencer both earned their ONYX titles (20,000 points) at our last tournament as well. Our other racing dogs are very close to other titles and should pick them up at the next tournament.

A group of dogs in a fieldDescription automatically generated with low confidenceWe practice at the club on Friday nights if you want to see what all the noise is about!


New titles in June (L-R Halley, Sage, Fisher, Henry, Pickles, and Albie) not pictured – Spencer

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Fisher, Pickles, Henry, and Albie   

One of the baby dogs’ first classes

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Baby Dogs All Grown Up !!!