Preston's Alabama Allie Cat - Miniature Schnauzer
Photo not available.
Owner: Jeannie Preston

Blackjack NA, NAJ, CGC - Miniature Schnauzer
Dog Picture Blackjack resides at my neighbors but spends a lot of time at my home. He has such a great personality and definitely will let you know it. He cocks his head as you talk to him and is quite a talker himself. Blackjack is a wonderful dog and had done a great job in agility. He completed both his NA and NAJ in just 2 trial weekends.
Owner: Karen Paulukaitis

Gala High Flying Adventure NA, OAJ, CGC - Miniature Schnauzer
Dog Picture Delta (or as she is commonly called "Delta Dawg") is a long awaited addition to the family. She was born 8/29/04 and the 2-1/2 yr wait was definitely worth it. Delta is the first non-rescue dog I have acquired. The process of selecting a structurally sound puppy with the right temperament for a potential agility star was quite a learning experience. There were puppy tests, structural analysis and decisions about which puppy would fit best with my other dogs. Delta has been a perfect fit. I look forward to what lies ahead of us. Delta's great uncle is Gala First Class Event (Nigel), the top Miniature Schnauzer/Terrier in agility for several years. We hope to make Uncle Nigel and the rest of the Gala & Bravo! clan proud as we embark on our journey into agility competition.
Owner: Karen Paulukaitis

Peake's Rinky Dinky NA, NAJ - Jack Russell Terrier
Dog Picture
Owner: Carolyn Peake

Punch It Margaret AX, MXJ, AJP, PD I, CGC - Miniature Schnauzer
Dog Picture Maggie is a rescue Schnauzer who began her training career at HOTC in May 1999. She has such a sweet disposition, loves to be held, and demands to be the center of attention. She started her agility career out right, she peed in the ring. Her other antics include sitting at the start line and not moving, doing a few obstacles and stopping in the middle of the ring and not moving, or running off to sniff around the ring. As her confidence progressed, she would often run up to the judge, ring crew, or spectators during her runs. It took 6 months of showing to get her NA title, but Maggie has a great jumping style, excellent potential, and is a such a joy. You can't help but love her!
Owner: Karen Paulukaitis

MACH2 Hideaways Myriophyllum CDX, RE, NF - Border Terrier
Dog Picture Murphy - MACH2 Hideaways Myriophyllum CDX RE NF SE
Carolyn & Murphy MACH Run 8-8-10.wmv :
Owner: Carolyn Peake and Bert Peake

Barribeau's Ocean Jewel CGC - American Staffordshire Terrier
Dog Picture Pearl is an American Staffordshire Terrier who was adopted at the Huntsville Humane Society in Aug of 2004. She loves water, playing ball, and having her belly rubbed. She is currently in Obedience and Agility.
Owner: Chrissy Barribeau

Neidfyre Volunteer Irish Rose CD, RA, OA, OAP, OAJ, OJP - Scottish Terrier
Dog Picture Rosie is a free spirit who loves life. She competes in conformation and made her agility debut this spring. She moves at warp speed and she loves to run and jump. Her temperament is like Will's--she is sweet and friendly--but she is the alpha dog at home.
Owner: Norma Lattimore

Peake's Terrific Terri - Jack Russell Terrier
Dog Picture Terri JE
Owner: Bert Peake and Carolyn Peake