Mixed Breed Dogs - All American Dogs

Bear CGC - Black Lab / Golden Retriever Mix
Dog Picture Black Golden Retriever
Owner: Tommy Hill and Mari Beth Hill

Colby - Mixed Breed
Dog Picture Having grown up with a poodle, I knew that when I got a dog of my own, it had to be at least partially poodle. Since I wanted a mixed breed, I researched the different poodle mixes. My search ended as soon as I saw the schnoodle. They were just becoming popular at that time and were hard to find. I ended up driving to Springfield, MO to get Colby. The long ride quickly taught him to love riding in the car and seeing new places. He started classes at HOTC when he was 10 weeks old. He is in novice obedience (bad knees prevent us from going any further) and freestyle. He is a real social butterfly who never meets a stranger.
Owner: Linda Freeman

Lady Lucy Goosey HOTC CD, CGC, FDCh - Rottie/Shepherd/Chow Mix
Dog Picture Lucy (Lady Lucy Goosey, CGC, HOTC CD, FDCH, PS1) is a Rott/Shepard mix, with a little bit of Chow thrown in somewhere. Her birthday is November 23, 1998 (we think). We saw a picture of her at Walmart-Free to Good Home. She was 5 months old. We called immediately! She is a wonderful girl who gives the sweetest kisses in the world. She is currently in Novice agility while taking a much deserved break from obedience.
Owner: Chrissy Barribeau

MACH Macy - Mixed Breed
Dog Picture Macy earned her MACH on 10/5/13, her MX on 5/19/12 and MXJ on 3/18/12
Owner: Amanda Damron

Mr. Stubbs - Mixed Breed
Dog Picture
Owner: Kathryn Murdoch

Scully - Rottweiler Mix
Dog Picture
Owner: Ken Ezell and Kathy Ezell

Shelly - Mixed Breed
Dog Picture Shelly was originally a foster dog looking for a home, but she had such great fear aggression problems that it was decided that she could not safely be adopted out. We have a long road of socializing her and building her confidence, but perseverance will prevail! She is in Novice class and no longer has to wear a muzzle in class. She has even become something of a socialite with people she is comfortable with.
Owner: Cathy Palmer

Zero HOTC CD - Shepherd Mix
Dog Picture
Owner: Beverly Carr